Natalie Laine is sending your penis to jail

Mistress in this video: Natalie Laine

Take a look at what I've got here, it is a chastity device. If you really don't know exactly this is, that is ok, you are going to learn pretty much all about wearing one after I send your penis and balls to jail. That's right, your testicles are in prison and I'm the only person with the keys so you better begin doing whatever I want or I will never ever let your dick out again.

Male chastity dominatrix Carissa Montgomery

Mistress in this video: Carissa Montgomery

You are never ever going to get a hard cock and in this small penis cage. Your penis will be pressing against the walls of it’s little prison and your balls will be extremely swelled up! You are going to be reduced to being a tiny lifeless penis loser for a very long time. You may serve me but you cannot touch or have fun with yourself. I feel incredibly sorry for you given that I am going to make fun of and torture you with my body, feet and legs until I absolutely break you down. So, are you ready for a male chastity dominatrix like me?!

Asian Chastity mistress Asia Perez

Mistress in this video: Asia Perez

You want your dick to be locked up in chastity while I keep the keys, right? Actually there are no options for you, so lock up your penis and then hand me the key over. This will be so much enjoyment – for me! While I can tease you really bad, you will be doing what ever I want you to do. If you don’t do what I want, I most certainly will add days and weeks on to the total amount of time your dick will be locked. So, to summ this up now, I am your chastity mistress and you do whatever I ask you to do.

Just a little chastity tease

Mistress in this video: Daphney Rose

Hey dude, I’ve got a challenge for you! Remember how you mentioned you would do whatever any person dare’s you to do? Well you poor little creature, it is actually quite simple: Take this pink colored chastity system and lock it on to your penis. Seriously, do it now! Get your prick locked up and I guarantee I most certainly will let you out again. So how does this feel now? How is the feeling when your little dick is locked up in chastity? I lied to you and won’t let you out up to the point I decide. I really enjoy the expression of fear on your face…

Let us enjoy some chastity fun

Mistress in this video: Chrissy Daniels

Really nothing is more pathetic and ridiculous than a man who’s got his dick closed out for a slut like me. I think it would be a good idea to get your penis into this chastity device immediately. While you are trying to get your dick hard I will tease you! It will simply press against the penis cage and you aren’t going to be able to take it, right? You will have to though, simply because it will most likely be locked for days! Your penis in chastity is only what it begins with. I really hope that you do not get an erection imagining getting your dick locked…

Locked up for us dominant princesses

Mistress in this video: Kenna Valentina and Danica Logan

Poor loser exactly what is the issue now again? Looks like there is a little prison on your penis? Fantastic and we are hoping it continues to be like this for a very long time. You can not be trusted not to view at sex movies online and you masturbating all the time, so a tight little chastity is really what you need right now. We will store the key but maybe we will never let your cock out again. Your cock will be all jammed in there very tightly and you will ask if not even beg us to let you blast your load!

All heated and stressed in this chastity device

Mistress in this video: Kenna Valentina

Oh poor man what exactly is the issue? Is your penis locked up and packed very tight in it’s prison? Well, that is really great because this is definitely in which it should be and I think you will get used to this small cage. I notice you are worked up and excited while I tease you but too bad you cannot get a hard dick, you can not even think about it! Imagine your penis trying to get hard but it just can’t- all it can actually do is pressing against the little chestity device and your balls will turn blue! Hardly any release for you and your dick…

Stuffing your dick into its chastity

Mistress in this video: Princess Ashley

You said you’d do everything for me, so I would like you closed in chastity twenty-four hours a day. You should not be trusted to have fun with that fuckstick of yours so on goes this penis cage. You will definitely appear so pathetic with this plastic cage over your penis and little locking mechanism locked shut. You may be asking me for release from chastity however I will likely not comply. Your sexual climaxes are now mine!

Let me be your personal key holder

Mistress in this video: Whitney Morgan

You have not really been a good slave to me. You have been frequently jerking off online to adult videos although I told you not to do so! Due to the fact you can not get a handle on yourself, just one thing can be done now to you: chastity. You basically cannot be trusted to manage your self, that is why now your very own penis goes straight to it’s small cage. Immediately after I lock your ugly cock into this chastity system you SHOULD CERTAINLY find out how to actually submit. You might get weak and each time you even think about getting a hard dick or playing with yourself you are going to be reminded from me how poor you are. The chastity device will fit good and very tight over your dick. I most certainly will hold the key for this chastity system and make fun of at how smooched it looks in it’s little cage, not capable of getting a hard penis. It should be on your cock for a few weeks minimum!

Your penis is ours

Mistresses in this video: Asia Perez and Princess Ashley

You wanted this for such a long time and so now you got it. Chastity is how you will serve two really hot, dominant sluts like we are. We will lock your cock up good and tight in this transparent synthetic cage. You will be quaking the minute this goes on and the click of the mechanism will make your own heart sink. Your wonderland will turned out to be a inescapable fact instantly and you are going to begin to feel highly not comfortable. We now keep control of your penis and also your life! How does it feel staying locked up?