Locked up for us dominant princesses

Mistress in this video: Kenna Valentina and Danica Logan

Poor loser exactly what is the issue now again? Looks like there is a little prison on your penis? Fantastic and we are hoping it continues to be like this for a very long time. You can not be trusted not to view at sex movies online and you masturbating all the time, so a tight little chastity is really what you need right now. We will store the key but maybe we will never let your cock out again. Your cock will be all jammed in there very tightly and you will ask if not even beg us to let you blast your load!

All heated and stressed in this chastity device

Mistress in this video: Kenna Valentina

Oh poor man what exactly is the issue? Is your penis locked up and packed very tight in it’s prison? Well, that is really great because this is definitely in which it should be and I think you will get used to this small cage. I notice you are worked up and excited while I tease you but too bad you cannot get a hard dick, you can not even think about it! Imagine your penis trying to get hard but it just can’t- all it can actually do is pressing against the little chestity device and your balls will turn blue! Hardly any release for you and your dick…