Let me be your personal key holder

Mistress in this video: Whitney Morgan

You have not really been a good slave to me. You have been frequently jerking off online to adult videos although I told you not to do so! Due to the fact you can not get a handle on yourself, just one thing can be done now to you: chastity. You basically cannot be trusted to manage your self, that is why now your very own penis goes straight to it's small cage. Immediately after I lock your ugly cock into this chastity system you SHOULD CERTAINLY find out how to actually submit. You might get weak and each time you even think about getting a hard dick or playing with yourself you are going to be reminded from me how poor you are. The chastity device will fit good and very tight over your dick. I most certainly will hold the key for this chastity system and make fun of at how smooched it looks in it's little cage, not capable of getting a hard penis. It should be on your cock for a few weeks minimum!